Rossmann Magyarország Ltd



Rossmann Magyarország Ltd opened its first store on 13th December an 1993. At the moment there are 196 stores and approximately 1400 employees. We started to focus on CSR in 2011, and we have decovered a number of projects on that topic. In that application we are concentrating on two of them: Employing people with changed work abilities, and mothers on maternity leave.

CSR strategy
We try to choose those topics on CSR which have something in common with our business strategy and our customers.

Employing people with changed abilities


  •  We started to employ people with changed abilities in 2013.
  • We asked for help from Salva Vita Foundation, which gave us advice for the initial steps.
  • We analysed the positions, which would be possible to be done by the employees with changed abilities.
  • We found one position which would be suitable: it was labelling (our private label products usually arrive without Hungarian label, so we have to do this job in Hungary).


  • We got in contact with the administrator at Rehabilitation Administration Office in Monor. She is cooperating with us in finding candidates.
  • We organized not only interviews for the applicants but an opened day also, when we talked about the company, the position itself, expectations and about the logistics department. We visited the logistics, where they could see their possible workstation. If they were interested, we also had had an interview with them on the same day.
  • We inspect from time to time whether their working circumstances are suitable for everyone or not. If not, we buy the necessary equipment (tables, chairs, etc.).
  • They have permanent salary, so they are not paid by performance, because their abilities are different.
  • Their attitude and motivation is an example for the other logistics employees because they really appreciate that they have a job and they are useful part of the company and so the society as well.
  • Since 2015 we also have been in connection with other administration offices to collect more candidates for these opened positions.


  • In 2015 we got the Handicapped-friendly Employer Award.
  • We are committed to employees with changed abilities and to other topics in connection with equal opportunities.
  • Since 2016 we have had a dedicated person for issues on equal opportunities.
  • We participated on a training about employing people with changed abilities.
  • At the beginning of 2016 we organized a sensitizing training for those colleagues who are in connection with this group.
  • With the help of Salva Vita Foundation we have published a sensitizing booklet which can be reached by each of our colleagues, in our shops as well.
  • Our colleagues seem to be opened, and the corporate culture seems to be prepared for this topic, so we plan to move on: we would like to employ disabled people as well.
  • In September 2016 we joined to Forum of Equal Opportunities of Employers to collect and share best practices and to find new solutions.
  • At the moment we work with 41 employees of changed abilities.




We have strong relationship with the mothers on maternity leave as we have many products for them and for the babies, so they are an important target group for us.


  • Since 2012 we have had a baby program which means discount for the mothers from the time of conception till the 3rd birthday of the baby.
  • The parents have to register to our Rossmanó program and they can take the advantages of the sales, discounts and the games.
  • We send newsletter for them each month.
  • We participate on mammy-baby events (eg: Baba-Mama Expo) with our bio baby products.
  • We joined to the community of Ringató, which organizes music and singing-together events for mammies and babies eg. in front of our shops.
  • We were on Gyereksziget (Children Isand) together with Ringató again where we sponsored programs of handcraft, face painting, and Ringató. Our baby health advisor was also present to answer the questions.
  • On one social platform (Facebook) mothers on maternity leave can chat with our baby health advisor twice a week.


  • We started to build a stronger relationship with our employees who are on maternity leave.
  • We would like to help them with information about the changes and developments in the company because we try to make it easier for them to return to the world of work.
  • Devices: We send them newsletters and our internal magazine.
  • We invite them to our sport and health day.
  • When they return, they can work part time in our shops.


  • More and more mothers choose us to prepare for her baby birth.
  • We have more and more connection with them through different events which we sponsor.
  • More than 126600 parents have registered to our Rossmanó program.
  • Our baby health advisor chat is more and more popular on the social media platform.